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China, The Political Football

It is interesting how nearly every politician seeking national office blames China for a major part of our economic ills, as if the China aristocracy has masterminded a plot to take over the world using cheap labor and ruthless acquisitions

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Pokin’ Around in the Fog and Dust of Time

Before the internet was invented research was different. I used to peruse obscure libraries and secondhand book stores for technical or historical information I needed. Looking for the right books required a great deal of searching–often in old bookstores with

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The Curse of Book Jackets

Don’t you love to gaze upon a dazzling book cover and then read the back hype and know this is a book you’re going to really like? You look forward to a great story. Then you get 40 pages into

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Thomas Jefferson & Sally Hemings

This post is a reprint of a reply I sent to Bob Turner at the University of Virginia. We met online over a movie that had been made regarding the relationship between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings. I have done

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Where did the Chinook go?

The fall of 1780 brought the first widespread Curse on the Northwest Coast. It was called a curse because they couldn’t see it. They couldn’t fight it or protect their families from it. Blisters appeared in their mouths, faces, all

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