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Captain Robert Gray

Gray claimed discovery of Big River (what the natives called it) and named it after his ship, the Columbia, in the spring of 1792. Vancouver was there a few weeks ahead of Gray but failed to cross the bar at

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How the Strait of Juan de Fuca got its name

To understand this, you should know something about the Greeks. The most recent immigrant in my haphazard family tree to arrive in America was my grandfather, Anthony John Pappadikis, age sixteen, sailing from Greece to the city of New York

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The last of the Spanish

By 1801, the Spanish were all but gone from the Northwest Coast. After nearly starting a war with England over the fur trade centered at Nootka (Vancouver Island), an accord was reached in 1792 and the Spanish were required to

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The story of Orca as told by the Haida of British Columbia, Canada

/>Once a man found two wolf pups on the beach. He took them home and raised them. When the pups had grown, they would swim out into the ocean, kill a whale, and bring it to shore for the people

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Welcome to Northwest Notes_some legends and myths

That ol’ devil full moon is blamed for turning people into werewolves, but real werewolves can change shape at any time though they have always favored night. In many myths, they are witches who take an animal form to travel

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