john anthony pappas9889Born in Seattle to Irish, Scotch, and Greek parents, at age nine John Pappas was launched on a ten-year odyssey that took him to five states and the Territory of Alaska, where he began working construction and driving a truck at age fifteen. He has been a commercial fisherman, salesman, general contractor, tech writer, scriptwriter, video producer and property manager and has loved stories from an early age. He’s written six books and a number of articles and short stories.

As a teenager in the late 50’s he saw Cape Flattery for the first time from the deck of a 40 foot salmon troller. On that day in June he fell in love with the rugged Washington Coast and has spent many happy times there in boats and walking beach trails. This lead to an interest in the region’s early times and native culture, and the discovery of many obscure stories, such as the once-thriving village of Ozette. Some time later he wrote “When Wolf Comes,” based on true events and native legend, an adventure told through the eyes of a young Irishman’s epiphanous journey toward discovery and a woman’s love.

Lives of the Spirits, just published, is a time direct sequel to When Wolf Comes and is also framed around actual events of the time. Aidan and Neveah and a disparate group are forced to journey up Great River (Columbia) as it was 200 years ago. In the land of She Who Watches they are plunged into more danger–please see description and read a few pages on Amazon. The reader will see this wild land with Aidan, Neveah and the son Thomas Jefferson wanted to exile forever.

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